5 Fun Facts About Australia That Will Make You Want To Move

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5 Fun Facts About Australia That Will Make You Want To Move

If you live in New Zealand, you could easily think you know a lot about Australia, given its close physical proximity.

However, as Australia is one of the world’s largest countries geographically, there’s a lot even for its own residents to discover about it. Here are just a few facts that could inspire you to look into potentially moving from NZ to Australia.

Australia Is A Megadiverse Country

The term ‘megadiversity’ refers to a high level of biodiversity. To be classed as megadiverse, a country must be home to at least 5,000 endemic plant species as well as be bordering marine ecosystems.

Oz was one of only 17 countries identified as megadiverse by the nonprofit Conservation International in 1998.

Australia Has A Wide Variety Of Landscapes 

Given that the country as a whole spans about 7.7 million square kilometres, there is obviously plenty of scope for variations in the terrain.

Australia’s enchanting landscapes include tropical rainforests to the north, mountain ranges in the south and deserts in the centre.

However, 90% Of Australians Live In Coastal Areas

This is largely due to the large deserts making up much of central Australia. Some of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities on Aussie shores include Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.   

Setting up home in any of these major settlements would therefore leave beach areas within easy reach for you.

Australia Has More Than 80 Wine Regions

This obviously makes Oz a great place to live if you are a wine connoisseur. If you are indeed keen on moving from NZ to Australia, keep in mind that most of the latter’s wine regions are in the eastern states of New South Wales and Victoria.

Much of Uluru Is Underground 

Uluru is a vast rock that sits in central Australia and is sacred to a number of Aboriginal tribes. It is thought that about 2.5 kilometres of the rock is actually below ground level.

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