Don’t Move Your Junk – Declutter & Save Money!

dont move your Junk

Don’t Move Your Junk – Declutter & Save Money!

Congratulations, you are moving to a new home. But, urgh, you have a lot of “stuff” to move. This could be the perfect time to declutter “stuff” from necessary items which means less packing and lower moving costs.

Here are our best declutter tips to save you time and money while giving you a fresh, clutter-free start in your new home!

The Early Worm

Don’t delay, get that declutter started ASAP. One of the most common problems we encounter with clients is that they start decluttering and packing far too late. You can guarantee that:

  1. You have underestimated how much you have squirelled away.
  2. You have underestimated how much time you need to pack. For a small apartment, consider a two-month lead time. For a big family home, consider a twelve month lead time.

Least Important First

Start with the non-sentimental items first and your decluttering will be more effective. If you start the other way around you will be tired-out by the time you get to low value items and will not do a good decluttering of them.

Start, for example, with your garage, store room, attic, and guest bedrooms. This should free up some storage boxes that you can then use for important items that are being moved.

Nostalgia No-No

Nostalgia is always a speed bump. Don’t spend two hours on one box of photos, fight the urge! If it’s a keeper, keep it, and look at it in your new home. Move on to the next box.

Piles Of Purpose

Create piles that have different purposes e.g. to help the poor, to be recycled, hand-me-downs for xyz cousins, etc. Make sure your ‘Keep’ pile and ‘Storage’ piles are kept to a minimum.

And remember, recycling can also mean regifting.

Challenge Your Children

Your children should definitely be involved in decluttering. A five year old won’t approach it scientifically and you will have to the driver. Use leading questions such as: Do you want to make another child happy by giving them this toy? It is a good life lesson for them.

Dedicated Decluttering Date

Make a dedicated date with yourself in your schedule for decluttering. One to three hours per week on a regular day of the week will establish a good routine. Don’t let other appointments or external demands eat into this time.

Didn’t listen to the above advice? Then up to six hours per declutter session might be necessary.

Some Storage

If some heirloom items won’t fit your new home but you definitely won’t bin them, then storage is the answer. Use mini-storage OR have a small storage shed assembled in your new garden.

Mini-storage does add up monthly so it is not a long term solution but an interim one while you figure out a permanent home for these items.

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