Fragile & Sensitive Freight

Fragile & Sensitive Freight

Hire the Professionals for your Fragile and Sensitive Freight

Fragile freight is any type of load that requires special packaging or additional care, more so than just your regular load. If you deal with fragile freight, you will know how stressful it can be and you may find yourself sitting at the edge of your seat, hoping that your load arrives in one piece.

Here at Express Movers, we have the ideal solution for you: our fragile and sensitive freight services! We’ve handled many fragile loads, including a shipment of Rolex watches from Switzerland, and many more examples.

When you have a team of moving professionals handling your delivery for you, you can sit back and relax…resting assured that everything is going to plan.

In addition to the team of movers that we have here at Express Movers, we also have a team of security personnel that are essential in handling some of these high-value moves.

Because we have dealt with a diverse variety of moves, we understand what is required for different scenarios, and we can give you exactly what you need to ensure that the delivery of your freight goes according to plan.

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Have your fragile load delivered without the risk of theft or breakage.

Express Movers is your #1 choice for fragile freight. Allow us to take the stress off!


Why Get Professional Movers for Your Fragile Freight?

While getting professional movers may seem to have a high upfront cost, investing in professional services is well worth it and can even cost you less at the end of the day.
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Rest assured that your fragile load will arrive on time

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Don’t risk damage to your fragile load

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Professional movers that treat your load with precision and care

What Our Clients Say

From moving fragile & sensitive freight to car transport in Auckland, hear about our clients’ experiences with Express Movers.
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What Type of Fragile and Sensitive Freight Loads Do We Move?

We are happy to move almost any type of sensitive and fragile load. The type of loads commonly put in this category include:

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