How Should You Prepare Your Car For Relocation Services?

Car Relocation

How Should You Prepare Your Car For Relocation Services?

Car relocation is not expensive but your beloved car is, so it is good to know how to prepare your high-value asset for relocation service in New Zealand. Our team of vehicle transport experts has put together a very helpful list of recommended steps to help you prepare confidently for its journey.

Clean The Outside Of Your Car

You may think it’s strange but we do recommend you clean your car. This will help you when you do an inspection for any existing scratches and dents. Make a list of these dents and scratches and take photographs from different angles. Add the calendar date to the photos and lists and file them away.

When the car is collected, ask the collecting party to do their own check and then ask them to verify your list by signing it. Email the signed list to the car relocation company.

Clean The Inside Of Your Car

We do not recommend that you add items or boxes of things to be transported along with the car. The vehicle could be wobbled and vibrated a lot and any breakages of personal items left in the car would not be covered by insurance.

Deplete The Fuel

Don’t fill up your fuel tank just before relocation. If you are running low and still need to use the car, then do little tops ups to a maximum of a quarter tank.

Leak Inspection

Get a service professional to check for any leakages under your vehicle. Have any leaks repaired or your vehicle may damage or pose a risk to other vehicles.

Inspect The Battery & Tyres

The car battery must be in working order for loading and unloading processes.

All the tires must be correctly inflated for smooth loading and unloading processes as well.

Don’t Distract The Driver

The drivers drive long distances and need stress and discomfort minimised so don’t forget to have all the alarm systems deactivated. If not, it will be hours of discomfort for the truck driver which adds risk to the journey. You can still manually lock the car.

Insurance Coverage

Ask your car relocation service provider about the insurance coverage options they have. Don’t skimp on this as it is very important to have this protection in place while your car does this journey. Your regular car insurance will not cover the relocation service as you are not driving the car personally and there is a different set of insurance risks that need to be underwritten.

Now that you know how to prepare the vehicle, get the process started by calling our team of experts.

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