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At Express Movers, we are one of the few removal companies in Auckland that offers a full range of intercity moving services. In fact, not only do we offer intercity moving services, we are the best in the business, offering an unrivalled combination of excellent customer service, efficient processes, and competitive prices.

Whether you are moving to a city close by or you are moving to a completely new part of the country, we can help. We can also help if you are moving from another city to Auckland.

We have different sizes of trucks available to accommodate moves of any size. Our experience includes moving large offices as well as houses with six-plus rooms.

Our moving crews are also experienced, ensuring you get the best possible standard of service. We are reliable, punctual, and trustworthy, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible. Get in touch today to get an intercity moving quote.

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Interstate Removals Auckland to Christchurch

and Wellington Wide

Moving to a new house is always a big undertaking. It is an exciting time too, of course, but there is a lot of planning and a lot of work involved. This is daunting when moving to a new house that is close to where you currently live.

Moving to a new house in a new city is on a whole other level. The distances involved increase the complexity, particularly in relation to finding a reliable intercity moving company that offers a competitive price.

This is exactly what you’ll get when you come to us. We have an excellent reputation in the industry as well as experience helping homeowners, families, and others with intercity moves.

We understand the complexities and the challenges, and we have tried and tested processes in place to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We’ll handle everything about the move too, including the logistics and planning. An experienced and skilled move manager will be responsible for this part of the project, working closely with you to ensure the move meets your expectations.

Our crews all have access to the latest moving equipment in addition to modern trucks and vans, and they are well trained. We are also professional and reliable and will deliver the best possible standard of service throughout the move.

We can’t say that this means you can relax. You are moving to a new city, after all!

You can relax about the removals service, however, as we’ve got you covered.

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Commercial Intercity Moving to

Wellington and Christchurch

We also offer commercial intercity moving. This includes moving from your Auckland office to a new city or from a different city to Auckland.

While commercial intercity moving is not as common as moving to a new house in a new city, our crews have the experience you need. This includes extensive experience moving offices of all sizes, from those with a few staff and minimal equipment to offices with hundreds of staff and an extensive range of equipment.

As we have this experience, we can help you plan the move from your side, ensuring plans are put in place for things like moving your IT and packing non-essential items first.

As for the move itself, we’ll handle all aspects of that part of the project, using our logistical expertise to ensure we have the right vehicles, equipment, and crew members available to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

Remember as well that it’s important to plan an office move as early as possible. This is even more crucial when the move involves going to another city. So, even if you are several months out from the actual move taking place, give us a call to get the ball rolling.

The Intercity Moving
Team You Can Depend On

Get in touch with us today to get a customised quote for your move to a new city. The more information you give us, the more accurate the quote. Give us a call today.



Fully customised service developed specifically for your needs with flexibility in everything from pick-ups to items moved to the days of the week where the move will take place. We work seven days a week, so we can complete your intercity moving project whenever you need us to. Just make sure you book in advance to ensure we have availability.

We are fully certified and insured with extensive experience in the industry.

Our crews are vetted and settled as we have minimal staff turnover. This means you can trust our employees with your belongings.

We also have an excellent reputation in the industry. This reputation demonstrates our commitment to quality and excellent standards of service.

Our crews have modern and reliable equipment and trucks. This is essential as not having the right equipment slows down the moving process. That’s the last thing you want when moving to another city… except, of course, the moving truck breaking down during the journey. Our trucks are well-maintained to prevent this from happening.

We’ll look after your belongings as if they were our own, protecting them with blankets, stretch wrap, and straps when they are on our truck. Everything will be carefully packed, so it comes out of the truck in the same state that it goes in.

We are also known at Express Movers for being problem-solvers and out of the box thinkers. Our experience ensures we have ready-made solutions for most moving problems, but if we don’t, we’ll do our best to come up with one.

When you choose us, satisfaction is guaranteed. This starts during the planning stages and continues to the move itself. One of our objectives is to ensure you are happy with the way things are going and then are satisfied with the final job.

You’ll get a fair and competitive price. This is an important point as there are some moving companies in Auckland who up their rates for intercity moving jobs. At Express Movers, we believe prices should be fair whether you are moving across the street or to a new city. So, when you choose us, you can be sure you’ll get a transparent and competitive price.

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