It goes without saying that moving – to another country, no less – can be stressful and challenging, despite its exciting appeal. At Express Movers, we can shoulder some of this burden for you with our range of high quality moving services.

From NZ to Australia, moving your goods is no trouble for our highly skilled and experienced team at Express Movers. In fact, we work efficiently, meaning that your goods are transported safely and quickly to your destination with no hassle.

Why move from NZ to Australia?

There are many reasons why people may move from NZ to Australia. Whether that is a new home, a new job, or simply moving items and equipment from one office or warehouse to another, Express Movers can help with the transportation of your goods and belongings at an affordable price.

If needed, we can even transport your car! We are more than our renowned household removals in Auckland – no matter your moving needs, we can offer you a bespoke and premium moving solution that meets and exceeds your expectations on every level.

Moving Furniture


Safe and efficient transport

The safety of your items is our top priority when we are transporting your goods, so you can rest assured that we go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring that your belongings travel safely to their destination.

Moving from NZ to Australia can be daunting, especially if you have furniture and belongings etc. that you don’t want to leave behind. At Express Movers, we can provide you with peace of mind regarding the transport of your goods from NZ to Australia. Moving has never been safer nor easier than with Express Movers.

No matter the value of your goods, each and every item is carefully looked after at Express Movers.

Moving to Australia? Trust in Express Movers

With budget-friendly options and professional service, Express Movers can help move your goods from NZ to Australia securely and quickly. Interested in a moving company that caters to your needs? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and to discuss your needs when it comes to moving goods from NZ to Australia.

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