The Best Way To Pack Crockery & Glassware For Home Removals, Auckland


The Best Way To Pack Crockery & Glassware For Home Removals, Auckland

When it’s time to move home or office, you may not be using removal companies in Auckland to pack your items but want to give your crockery and glassware a professional pack. No problem, here is a comprehensive guide from the Express Movers team so you can move your fragile items safe and sound.

Prepping For Packing

Before starting off with your packing, prepare your materials for your crockery and glassware packing. You will need:

  • Medium-sized boxes only.
  • Packing paper or newsprint. Every item that is wrapped in a PRINTED newsprint needs to be washed so unprinted newsprint paper is advised.
  • Towels, soft fabric, tea towels, rags, cloths, etc. Try to avoid bubble wrap to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Marker koki
  • Packing tape

Perfect Packing Foundation

Start your medium boxes with several scrunched up sheets of paper that fill up the base of the box. This is your first layer of shock absorption.

If you are using any of the fabric options then have a layer at least 5cm thick at the bottom.

Big At The Bottom

Your biggest or weightiest items must always be on the bottom layer. Spread them over a few boxes so that each box is not heavy.

Choose a clean, level surface to spread out your paper or fabric. Place one item in the one corner of your paper or fabric at an angle. Roll it inwards and tuck the paper or fabric into the openings if it is a mug or jug. Tuck under the item if it is a glass sculpture. Keep rolling until the entire paper or fabric is rolled around the item.

Two By Two

When your paper or fabric is very big then wrap similar sized items two by two.Use the wrapping instructions above and start with one item. When halfway through, and the first item is fully covered, add the second item. Roll to the end, folding over the last bits of paper or fabric that are sticking out.

Sensitive Stems

When wrapping items with stems,  Start with the regular wrap but start with the stem first. Next, place the glass on another set of layers of paper or fabric and wrap the entire item so that the wrapped stem is wrapped again in the process. You can’t do the two by two method with stemmed items. These items go on the top layer of the box.

Boxing It

If you can still feel the edges of your glass items, then they are insufficiently covered. Place your heavy items in first, add your lighter WRAPPED items on top with stemmed items last.

Don’t overfill the box and leave room for the critical cushioning layer on top. Repeat your scrunched paper layer or fabric on top.

Check And Close

Give your box a cautious shake and listen for any clinking. There shouldn’t be any. Then tape the box closed, number it and add its number and content description to your inventory list. Write a HUGE fragile word on every side of the box.

Done. Congratulations!

For the best service out of all removal companies in Auckland, call our team of caring experts today!

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