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As expert house movers, we make the process of furniture moving in Auckland as stress-free as possible. You can then concentrate on the excitement and anticipation that usually comes with moving to a new home. This includes planning where you want everything to go and getting you and your family settled in. While you’re doing that, our crew will do all the heavy lifting. We stand out from other house moving companies in Auckland because of the level of professionalism we offer. A huge amount of our customers come from referrals, repeat business, and word of mouth recommendations. We are proud of this as it shows our past clients were happy with the service we delivered. You’ll get everything you need from us too. So, for household removals and any other moving service you need in Auckland, get in touch with us at Express Movers today.
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We offer fully customised house moving services with flexible pick up and drop offs as well as hard-working, well-equipped crews. A move manager will be appointed to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We’ll also do everything we can to protect your belongings during the move. This includes covering items with blankets as well as using straps, stretch wrap, and dollies to ensure everything is safe.

We have a fleet of vans available of varying sizes for moving from Auckland to Wellington, all of which are well maintained. They are well-equipped too, ensuring our crews have everything they need to complete your move safely and efficiently.

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Furniture Movers in Auckland

We can also help if you are looking for cheap furniture mover in Auckland, NZ. Think of this as being like a man with a van service, albeit a man with a van service backed by our expertise, experience, and strong reputation. Serving moving services from Auckland to Wellington and Auckland to Christchurch wide too.

This service is ideal if you have bought an item of furniture online from a site like Trademe or Facebook Marketplace. We can also help if you have bought something from a retailer and now need to get it home. This applies whether the retailer is around the corner or on the other side of Auckland.

Plus, we offer competitive prices for furniture delivery in Auckland, NZ.

It’s not just furniture, either, as we can deliver or move any item that you need.

Let us know about your requirements for furniture removals in Hamilton, New Zealand. Get in touch with best Auckland furniture movers and make a booking today.

Piano Movers
Auckland and Wellington Wide

We can help if you need piano movers in Auckland and Wellington. In fact, we can help with whatever large, heavy, or awkward item that you need to be moved.

Unlike some other house moving companies in Auckland, we undertake complex moving jobs. This includes moving heavy items from or to an upstairs location. We’ll also do whatever we can to work out solutions to access issues.

So, whether you need a single item moved, or you are moving to a new house and have items that are bulky or heavy, we are the house movers in Auckland you can depend on.

The next step is to give us a call to discuss what you need to be moved. We are the furniture movers in Hamilton and Christchurch. Our team will give you expert advice, including how to make your booking.

Furniture Removals in Auckland and Christchurch


The sooner you book the better is the simplest answer. Our calendar can fill up quickly, particularly the closer it gets to your moving date. So, the more advance notice you can give us, the better.
This depends on the number, size, and complexity of the items being moved and the distances involved, so it’s impossible to give a catchall answer. We do understand the importance of budgeting, however. So, give us a call and a member of our team will be able to find out enough to give you an estimate.
We’ll confirm a time when you book. However, as an example, we’ll normally arrive at your property before 8am for morning and all-day jobs.
You’ll need to have everything packed with the boxes sealed before we arrive. Our team can give you advice on packing best practices. You’ll also need to remove items from drawers and wardrobes. That’s about it, though, as we’ll handle the rest.
There are some items that we can’t move because of the risk of damage to our trucks and for staff health and safety reasons. This includes plants, unboxed lamps, and items from sheds that may contain dirt, ants, spiders, etc. It also includes hazardous and flammable materials and liquids. Mowers and other petrol-operated equipment will need to be drained of liquids before we arrive. To get clarification and advice on specific items, please give us a call.
We can move these items, particularly for specialist projects, but they may not be included in our standard insurance cover. Please contact us to get clarification and advice. In many situations, particularly for house moves where there is a small number of valuables to move, our advice is that you move these items yourself.
Yes, for most items we do dismantle and reassemble. Please let us know when making your booking the items that will need this service so we can properly plan. If we foresee any problems with dismantling and reassembly, we’ll get in touch to let you know.
Yes, we can unpack your belongings and will put them in the rooms or locations you specify. We can also remove the packaging materials, disposing of them responsibly.
We do need you or another authorised person both at the home you are moving out of and your new home. It is particularly important at the new home so our crew can be told where everything needs to go.

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