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Office Movers Auckland

At Express Movers, we are the office movers in Auckland you can depend on to get the job done efficiently, with minimal hassle, and for a competitive price. We have extensive helping companies with office relocation projects in Auckland.

This includes everything from moving single offices with a handful of employees to a different location in the same building, to moving an office space with hundreds of employees to a completely different building.

You’ll get a competitive price from us too. Get in touch today for a quote, or you can make a booking online.

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Office Movers Auckland

Moving to a new office can be good for your business for a range of reasons whether you are upsizing, downsizing, modernising, reducing costs, or moving for another reason. One of the downsides, however, is the disruption that the move itself will create.

This is where we come in at Express Movers with our office relocation services in Auckland. Not only will we do all the work, but we’ll do it in a way that minimises disruption as much as possible.

Productivity in your business will be impacted – that is inevitable. However, our goal with all office relocation projects in Auckland is to ensure you get back to full productivity as quickly as possible.

Planning Your Office

Relocation in Auckland

Proper planning is crucial to our objective of minimising disruption and helping you get your business back to full productivity. We’ll assign an experienced move manager who will handle all aspects of the planning and logistics of the move.

We’ll need to work closely with you, of course, to get a full understanding of the best approach. We may also need to work closely with specialist teams in your business, such as IT staff, to ensure everything is dismantled, transported, and then reassembled with minimal issues or fuss.

We offer flexible moving services too, including moving some or all of your furniture or equipment outside of normal office hours. This includes weekends.

Taking precautions to protect everything being moved is important too. We are highly skilled at moving all sorts of items safely and securely.

In addition, we’ll ensure we have the right network of vehicle transport in NZ and an optimised crew to complete the job within your budget but as quickly as possible.

So, to speak to the best office movers in Auckland, please get in touch with us today by calling 0800 333177. 


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How to Ensure Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

While we will take a lot of the burden from you, there are some things you can do to ensure your office move goes as smoothly as possible. We’ve used our experience as leading office movers in Auckland to put this list together. If you have a specific query in relation to your move, or if you need additional advice, please let us know.

Start Planning Early

The earlier you start planning for your office relocation in Auckland, the better. In fact, as soon as you know you are moving, start planning, even if you don’t have a confirmed date.

One of the things to look out for in the planning stage is to know the rules of the buildings involved and how those rules may impact the move. The building you are moving into, for example, might only allow the move to take place during normal office hours. This will have an impact on your planning, so the earlier you know this the better.


Moving to a new office is not something you should skimp on. There are a lot of variables to consider and a lot of moving parts in-play – literally. Therefore, make sure you bring in the professionals. Just make sure they have experience with previous office relocation projects. We are expert office removals in Auckland, get in touch with us.

Communicate with Your Team

Your team will be crucial to ensuring the move is smooth, so communicate with them throughout the process. Keep them up to date on plans, let them know what you expect of them, and make sure they know the key dates to be aware of.

Appoint an Internal Project Manager

The move will go much better if there is a single person responsible for co-ordinating everything.

Plan How You Will Use the New Space

One of the most complex aspects of moving to a new office is IT. Everything from data security to server downtime to getting the phones and internet back up and running in the new office will need to be considered. So, involve your IT team early and make sure they carefully plan everything.

Plan How You Will Use the New Space

Things to think about include:

Do a Clear Out

There is no point going through the expense and hassle of moving items that you don’t need. So, spend some time doing a clear out, dumping or selling the things your business no longer needs. Equipment, furniture, etc that you can sell will help fund the expense of the move, plus dumping things like old files and other materials will make the move easier.

Make Sure All Boxes Are Clearly Labelled

Unless you want to spend hours, days, and weeks searching for things at your new office, put clear labels on all boxes.

Pack Non-Essential Items

There will be some things you won’t be able to pack until the last minute. For everything else, however, pack them as early as you can. You can even start moving some of the packed items and boxes to the new office.

Give Everyone Responsibility for Packing Their Own Work Area

This will minimise disruption and give your employees ownership for their part of the move.

Update Your Addresses & Contact Details

Remember to relocate your post and change your address on everything. This includes:

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