Moving Truck Services in Auckland

Do you have a truck you need to get from point A to point B? Maybe you have bought a new truck, or you have sold a truck, but transporting it is an issue. Maybe you have a truck that is not running that you need to get moved. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise you need – expertise in moving trucks in Auckland.

We are expert truck movers in Auckland, you will get a customised service when you come to us with a commitment to delivering on your requirements. This includes moving your truck in Auckland by your deadline. Remember, though, the more notice you can give us, the more likely we will be able to meet the timescales you require.

Customers choose us at Express Movers because of our can-do attitude, the quality of our services, and the professionalism of our team. In other words, when you come to us, you can expect a premium service.

You can also expect a competitive price. We have robust and efficient procedures in place for moving trucks in Auckland, allowing us to pass on the savings to you. This lets you move your truck where you need it to be for less.

Please contact us today on 0800 333177 to find out more and to get a quote for moving a truck in Auckland.

Machinery & Container Movers Auckland New Zealand

In addition to moving trucks, we can also help if you need to move other heavy and bulky machines, vehicles, or equipment. This includes everything from agricultural machinery haulage to moving construction equipment to caravan transportation.

We have the vehicles, equipment, and expertise to offer a full range of truck and machinery moving services, wherever you are located in Auckland.

Plus, with our can-do attitude, we’ll get the job done, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

You will need to talk to a member of our NZ moving company so we can get a better understanding of the machine, vehicle, or equipment that you need us to move. We can then give you information on how we can help, and the costs involved. Get in touch today to get the process started.

Information We Need When Booking

When you are making your booking or getting a quote, ensure you give us as much information about the item being moved as possible. The make and model of the vehicle being moved helps as we can then look that up on the internet to get dimensions and the weight.

If you have this information to hand, it will help us provide an accurate quote. Get in touch today to find out more.

Our Expertise

If it’s big, bulky, and or heavy, and you need it moved to another location, contact us at Express Movers. We have extensive machinery transportation experience, whether that is moving trucks in Auckland or other vehicles or equipment.

Our experience and expertise cover a wide range of difficult to move items.

Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Do you need to move a truck or van to another location? Contact us at Express Movers for the best vehicle transport service in NZ and the most competitive price. We have experience moving all sizes of trucks across the wider Auckland area as well as longer distances.

We can move any size of truck too. Get in touch today to get a competitive, no-obligation quote.

Boats and Yachts

Moving boats and yachts over land can be tricky, particularly if you have a large boat or yacht that you need to be moved. Luckily, we have the experience, vehicles, and equipment required to complete the job to the highest possible standard.

Whether you need to move a boat or yacht nearby or over a longer distance, we can help. We’ll look after your investment too, ensuring it is safe and cared for throughout the journey.


Customers choose us when they need a caravan moved for a range of reasons. This includes private individuals buying a caravan online and who then need to get it moved to their location. Our caravan moving services are also popular with businesses.

Wherever your caravan is located, we’ll arrange a competitive price to get it moved to its new destination. We’ll give you a competitive price for our caravan moving service too.


We offer a motorhome moving service too. Whether you are a business or have bought a new motorhome for your own use, you’ll get a competitive price for moving it to its new location. We’ll look after the motorhome while it is being transported, plus our services are reliable.

Tractors and Other Farm Equipment

If you need a professional moving company to transport a tractor or other farm equipment, contact us at Express Movers. We can move your agricultural equipment locally or over longer distances, plus we have the expertise to move just about anything, however, large, heavy, or bulky.

Our prices are competitive, we’ll look after your equipment while it is in transit, and we deliver on our promises, including being reliable and punctual.


Buses are large vehicles so getting them from A to B can be a challenge. Not when you come to us at Express Movers, however, as we have the expertise to move buses of any size wherever you need them relocated to.

Our team has the knowledge to answer any query you have about our bus moving services, so get in touch today. You can also get a no-obligation quote where we will give you a competitive price.

Construction Machinery

Our team has experience working with building contractors, individuals, and businesses moving all types of construction machinery. This includes diggers, tippers, bulldozers, rollers, and more.

At Express Movers, we have experience transporting heavy and bulky machines and equipment, so we have your construction machinery transportation services covered. Get in touch today.

Heavy Machinery

We also have experience at Express Movers transporting other types of heavy machinery. This includes machinery used in factories, in industry, and in other locations. Our expertise and the vehicles and equipment we use mean we can transport just about anything, regardless of its size and bulk. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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