Cultural Differences: Adapting to Life in Australia as a Kiwi

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Cultural Differences: Adapting to Life in Australia as a Kiwi

Whilst many people around the world might associate Australia and New Zealand to be fairly similar, as an Aussie or Kiwi the cultures can feel vastly different. As international movers in NZ to Australia, here are some things to look out for and tips to help you adapt to the new culture.


Whilst both countries are English-speaking, they offer unique dialects. You’ll find as a Kiwi in Australia that Australians tend to be more creative in their use of language compared to Kiwis. Aussies tend to use more slang phrases, sarcasm and much more swearing!


Australia is home to a wider range of wildlife than New Zealand, including poisonous snakes, spiders and big crocodiles, which many people are fearsome of. Do not threaten because if you are moving to one of Australia’s big cities it is very unlikely that you will come face to face with these creatures each day. Remember that Australia is also home to friendlier animals such as kangaroos and koala bears.


As a Kiwi, you will be used to the Māori people making up 8% of New Zealand’s population. With Māori also acting as an official language in New Zealand. Likewise in Australia, Australian Aboriginals are a disparate group who speak over 200 native languages. Their diverseness however means they keep a pretty low profile around Australia.


Despite many cultural differences, one thing Aussies and Kiwis share in common is their taste in food. Both cultures enjoy fish & chips, meat pies, BBQ food and gyros meat. One food staple unique to Australia that you may notice is their love for the famous Vegemite spread.

Will the move to Australia from New Zealand be a huge cultural shift? 

At the end of the day, there is no need to be worried about massive differences and challenges when moving from New Zealand to Australia. Whilst there is a variety in some slang terms, animals and climate can seem daunting, the Aussies are friendly enough to welcome you in, helping you with your transition.

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