Cultural Shifts: Adapting to Life in Brisbane as an Aucklander


Cultural Shifts: Adapting to Life in Brisbane as an Aucklander

Moving to tropical Brisbane is something many Aucklanders dream about. If you are lucky enough to be planning the big move, then this blog offers some useful tips for moving from Auckland to Brisbane.

Adapting to Brisbane from Auckland 

Firstly, Brisbane is known for its hot temperatures, sports, and vibrant city life. With this in mind, it is recommended that you move to a new home with air conditioning. Before your move, you need to ensure you safely transfer your money to a new Australian bank account.

If you are renting not buying, then be aware that Australian apartments usually come unfurnished, so ensure you bring the furniture you need with you.

As a job hunter, you could search for jobs on Gumtree and Before doing so, be sure to create an Australian version of your CV.

Find a suitable area

Brisbane is a massive place, and therefore offers a variety of suburbs, each with their own unique vibe. For more family-friendly areas, try Wilston and Sandgate, which offer nice schools and greenery areas. If you are seeking quirky shops, live music and cute cafes then opt for Fortitude Valley or the West End.

Discover the job market

If you’re interested in the industries of tourism, hospitality, education, technology, mining or farming, then you should be able to find work in Brisbane with little issues. To be on the safe side, you should have a job sorted before making the big move. If you do not then you will need to have a decent amount of savings to get yourself by whilst you search for work.

Seek assistance from an expert moving team

Finally, you need to find a moving team who are professionals at moving Aucklanders to Brisbane. This will ensure that your move runs smoothly with the help of those who have done it all before, and to a high standard.

Need assistance with Auckland to Brisbane moving? Here at Express Movers, we make moving stress and hassle-free. Our teams are professional and punctual, we have all the equipment and transport required for the job. Get in touch for a free quote today.

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