Moving to New Zealand from Australia: Tips & Tricks

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Moving to New Zealand from Australia: Tips & Tricks

Relocating homes can be exciting and daunting for any household, but maybe even more so if you’re moving from Australia to NZ – it’s a different country, after all! Nevertheless, Express Movers and our team of professional movers can help you with the process.

In fact, here are our top tips and tricks when it comes to moving to New Zealand from Australia: 

  •  Label your boxes

When you pack up your goods that you’ll be taking with you, we recommend labelling boxes to make the unpacking process easier and more efficient. Not only will you know what items are in which box, but this just simply gives you peace of mind, helping you manage your goods and belongings.

  • Donate or sell items you don’t need/want

You’re moving to a new country, not only across the city. This means that you might not be able to bring every single item that you own. As a result, you might end up with a number of goods that you have to leave behind. If this is the case, then you can simply sell or donate these leftover items! You might even want to ask neighbours and friends if they’re willing to take an item off of your hands. Either way, make sure that you’re only taking what you really need/want. Don’t forget that if you have the funds, you can simply purchase new items once you arrive in NZ.

  • Make a checklist 

With the items that you are planning to bring with you to NZ, make sure that you create an item checklist to help you count your items easily when you arrive at your new place. Make sure that you indicate which box the item is in! For example, if you bring speakers, you should indicate in your checklist that it was placed in your ‘Electronics’ moving box. 

If you’re moving from Australia to NZ, then Express Movers has got you covered with our exceptional moving services. From moving large and heavy items to delicate and fragile goods, you can count on us to expertly transport your belongings from one place to another – even if that’s from Australia to New Zealand! Contact us today

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