Should Drawers Be Empty, Full Or Removed For A Furniture Delivery, Auckland?

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Should Drawers Be Empty, Full Or Removed For A Furniture Delivery, Auckland?

When planning an upcoming furniture delivery to your new home or office in Auckland, you are probably aiming to achieve efficiency and ease of packing and unpacking. So where do drawers fit in with this? Should they be unpacked and repacked, removed or not? Here are some options to consider.

The Full Drawers Left In The Carcass

This is the easier option for you. The drawers keep their load onboard and they must be secured, row by row, to ensure they don’t pour everything out.

Positives: You save packing time and energy while less packaging materials are consumed as well. Fewer boxes of packed items translate into more space on the truck.

Negatives: The drawer unit will be extremely heavy and difficult to manoeuvre through tight spaces. The risk of bumps increases and the moving time is slower. The items joints will have added stress and the drawer contents will be tipped and turned.

The Empty Drawers Left In The Carcass

In this option, you empty the drawers and pack the contents. The drawers must be secured to ensure they don’t smash on the ground.

Positives: Less risk of stressing the furniture and damage occurring. The move schedule will be faster. The contents in the box will not be jumbled. 

Negatives: You will use more packaging materials and truck space. 

The Full Drawers Taken Out Of The Carcass

Drawers are wonderful little boxes for moving things, take them out and leave them full.

Positives: You save on packing time and materials, your contents are not jumbled and the drawer unit is excessively heavy. There is less risk of the drawers falling out.

Negatives: The furniture item loses the stability that drawers offer. More space is used in the truck. The drawers move around during transport.

The Empty Drawers Taken Out Of The Carcass

This is one of the winning options with low risks. You unpack the drawers, pack the contents into boxes and remove the drawers from the unit.

Positives: The furniture item is easy to move onto and off the truck. There is no risk of drawers smashing on the ground, the content is neatly packed and the drawers are in protective materials.

Negatives: It’s a lot of work. The furniture item losses a bit of stability. More packaging materials and truck space are used. There’s more to-and-fro with boxes, drawers then furniture item.

The Full Drawers Out-Then-In Option

With this option you remove the full drawers temporarily while the carcass is carried to the truck. Reload the drawers when the item is in its final standing position on the truck. The drawers must then be secured.

Positives: You save time, money and space on the truck as well as packaging materials. 

Negatives: The drawer contents still might become messy due to the movements of the truck. Delicate items should not be left in the drawers.


If your drawer unit is a flatpack item, very fragile or precious then we highly recommend you empty the drawers of any content. We generally recommend that drawers should be emptied and left in the unit. Over the years, this has always delivered the safest results over thousands of moves.


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