Ultimate Packing List For Moving Homes

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Ultimate Packing List For Moving Homes

Preparing to move from one home to another can be exciting but also stressful. Much of the stress can simply come from trying to figure out how to pack.

This is why we have endeavoured to remove much of the anguish from the equation — by providing you with the following checklist for packing smarter, not harder. These tips have been sorted on a room-by-room basis, starting with the…

Living Room

Blankets and towels are good for wrapping mirrors, while lightbulbs should be detached from lamps to allow for individual pieces to be wrapped separately.

Before disassembling electronics, take photos of those devices. That way, you will be able to more easily reassemble them later. 

Meanwhile, you can avoid losing important documents in transit if you transfer them to a secure box you subsequently keep close to you.


Make sure any appliances usually tied to your kitchen — think the likes of a toaster and a blender — are empty and clean before you pack them. As for what you pack them into, the appliances’ original boxes would be ideal if you still have them.


You probably hang a fair few clothes in this room — in which case, you ought to leave those pieces of attire on hangers in preparation for packing.

Though mattresses and furniture items can be arduously bulky things to cover, you could find that you have some old sheets suitable for use in the job. 


Opened toiletries are notorious for leaking when transported. For this reason, you should make sure all of those you are set to transfer between bathrooms are firmly closed. 

Of all your bathroom items, the necessities should be packed last, since this would theoretically make it easier for you to retrieve them quickly once you are at the new home.

If your current home is in New Zealand’s most populous urban area but you are preparing to move into a different residential property in the Kiwi country, you don’t have to spend time Googling for house moving companies in Auckland. Instead, you can just call us on 0800 333177 to benefit from our expertise in facilitating home moves.

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